About Our Eggs

Our eggs are hand gathered daily from our happy hens! One of the many reasons they are happy is because they still have their beaks and toes, unlike their conventional cousins. Having all their body parts enables them to do what they were created for…roaming the pasture foraging on greens, looking for grasshoppers and other insects to eat that are prevalent on our Pastures due to the sustainability of our farm. Our hens are not kept in cages or confinement houses that others call free range. Instead, their days are full of fresh air to breathe, warm sunshine to bask in and the sweet earth in which dust baths are taken.

Egg Facts:

Q. Why is grass so important for egg producing hens?

A. Eggs from pastured hens have up to 20 times more omega 3’s.

A. Eggs from pastured chickens have as much as 20mg/kg of vitamin E.

A. Eggs from pastured hens are higher in folic acid and vitamin B12.