About Our Chicken

What makes our chickens so special? From day old chicks, we handle each one of them with tender care. They are started in our brooder house and put on Pastures as soon as weather permits and they are strong enough to graze. They are raised on pasture with access to shelter (portable houses) which are moved daily to provide fresh grass while at the same time keeps them protected from unfavorable weather and predators. They have the benefit of fresh grass, air, sunshine, and insects. The fresh grass from pasture in their diet balances out the omega 3 and the omega 6 ratios.

Since chickens are not ruminants and cannot receive all their nutrition from grass, we supplement them with our own recipe of custom milled feed, which includes organic kelp and minerals. Our Chickens are grown without hormones, antibiotics and other growth stimulants to provide the healthiest meats available.

To ensure quality to the end, we harvest our poultry ourselves on the farm in our state inspected processing facility, which greatly reduces the bird's stress. By processing on our farm, we can guarantee the freshest and cleanest meat without irradiation (cold pasteurization), chlorines, and other chemicals.